DoorDash Accident Attorney
DoorDash Accident Attorney

DoorDash Accident Attorney

Driving for long periods makes it more likely that delivery service vehicle operators would cause a severe collision. Have you been through one of these kinds of accidents lately, involving a DoorDash vehicle driver? If yes, you might be wondering whether you are eligible to submit a legal claim for compensation to the court. You can do so, but whether you could get compensation for it depends on a number of factors. Any DoorDash accident lawyer would attest that the following factors will play a big part in determining your chance of being compensated for the incident.


It is very important and difficult to establish who is at fault for an accident, and the same goes for the DoorDash-related event. You must find out who the responsible party is before proceeding with the claim against the company. Are you sure that you were not driving in a negligent manner at the time of the collision? If yes, you might have legal grounds to submit the claim and might get maximum compensation. However, in the event of you being partly at fault for it, then California’s comparative negligence law would apply.

As you might already know, California is a comparative negligence state. This means the state judicial system lets a defendant party claim this form of negligence as a defensive move to lessen their fault. For instance, one who is 25% to blame for causing the collision would be 25% legally responsible for the grant that the injured party gets.

Now, the bigger question is this: “What does negligence mean?” For a car accident, it refers to the occurrence of one of the two concerned drivers breaching their duty of care. This means that party’s violation of the legal obligation to guarantee other people’s safety. Let us put this concept into context, with DoorDash as an example.

Has that DoorDash vehicle hit you when its driver was looking at his or her phone, intoxicated or speeding? If the answer is yes, then you might just be capable of pursuing monetary compensation from them and/or the delivery service provider.

Whether They Were Acting As A DoorDash Driver At The Time

The operative word in the aforementioned sentence is ‘and/or’. Was the driver logged into their DoorDash application and taking food to an American customer’s address when the collision occurred? If yes, you might just have a valid injury claim against both the vehicle operator and DoorDash. Otherwise, your claim might just be against that particular individual.