DoorDash Accident Lawyer

DoorDash Accident Lawyer

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that is popular among users because they can get the food from their favorite restaurant at their doorstep. Its use increased in the last couple of months when people were restricted from going out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, DoorDash hired more drivers, also called Dashers for their food delivery operations. However, the instances of road accidents involving them also increased. The purpose of this article is to explore in detail about DoorDash accident claims; read on to know more about this.

DoorDash Drivers Or Dashers

DoorDash drivers or Dashers use the DoorDash platform for food delivery from restaurants to your doorsteps. They are usually independent contractors, and this affects the accident claims filed for compensation. Also, they are paid per job and hence they are in a hurry to complete the maximum number of deliveries. If you are a DoorDash driver or a motorist involved in an accident with one, you must get the services of a DoorDash accident lawyer.

The DoorDash Insurance

DoorDash drivers must have personal liability car insurance, and the damages to the Dasher’s vehicle in an accident should be claimed with the driver’s auto insurance. This is also true if the driver is injured. Any amount that is beyond the scope of the personal insurance of the driver is covered by DoorDash insurance. But you must know that this is only applicable to damages caused to third parties like injuries or property damage. The caveat to this is that the Dasher must be in the process of delivering food.

Settlements After Accident

The reimbursement for vehicle damages and medical bills is issued by the personal insurance company of the Dasher. In the case of a third party who was injured in an accident with a DoorDash driver delivering food, the settlement will be covered by the following:

  • The personal insurance of the DoorDash driver.
  • The commercial liability insurance by DoorDash.
  • When multiple vehicles are involved in the accident, the third party’s insurance carrier.

The Person Liable For Damages And Injuries In An Accident

Usually, the insurance company of the motorist or the Dasher whose negligence caused the accident is financially responsible. The settlement depends on the seriousness of the injuries, the cost of medical treatment, the extent of property damages, and the person at-fault, i.e. DoorDash driver or the motorist. Due to this complexity, it is ideal to contact an experienced attorney for DoorDash accident.

These are some of the important points that you must bear in mind if you are a motorist involved in an accident with a DoorDash driver.

DoorDash Car Accident Lawyer

DoorDash Car Accident Lawyer

The moment’s right after a car accident can be riddled with emotion and confusion. You are often severely mentally distraught if not severely hurt. However, the minute you are in an accident there are a few things that you must do at the scene of the accident. It is better that you write these down and store them as a note in your wallet, purse or even in your glove box.

Steps To Take Right After You Have Been In A Car Accident

  • Stay At The Scene

You should never leave the scene unless it is appropriate to do so. If there have been injuries, or if someone has been killed, then you could be facing some serious criminal penalties in the form of hit-and-run charges slapped on you. Stay put, especially if you are not injured and there is no sudden danger to you.

  • Check On The Drivers And The Passengers

Before you even begin to assess damage to your property, make sure that everyone who has been involved in the accident is okay. Call 911 to get medical attention to anyone who needs it. If they are unconscious or have had a neck or spinal injury, don’t move them unless and until a qualified medical paramedic arrives. You should only move them if there is a hazard and that person needs to be moved from the site of immediate danger.

  • Call The Police

Call the police and other authorities if there is significant damage, injury or death. Ask for a police report and take the details of the responding officer’s names and their badge number.

  • Exchange Information

Try to collect the names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers and the basic insurance information of the others in the accident. Make sure to do this in a calm, cooperative and cordial fashion. Remember to never admit guilt- “I should have stopped, I ran the red light” – this means that you are admitting legal liability. If you are planning to lawyer up with a DoorDash car accident lawyer, then do a favor and talk less.

  • Get Treatment

Get the required treatment, even if the injuries seem mild at first. Keep documentation of the bills and the prescription offered to you. Get a copy of all of the medical report as well, so as to prove your medical expenses at a later date.

Last but not least,

  • Consider Hiring An Attorney

Get yourself an attorney for DoorDash accident. Consult an experienced attorney who can help you maximise your recovery if you are injured and better defend you if the opposing party is at fault.